Public Relations

The most difficult task for any commercial company is getting positive publicity to help boost their business. That is where M&Y’s highly-skilled team of writers are here to help.

We have a wealth of experience of producing leaflets, press releases and photographs for some of the south’s biggest and most successful companies.

Tony MCoyOur list of satisfied customers include Sky TV, Littlewoods Pools, Goodwood Racecourse and Moody’s Boatyard.

We have also provided photographers to help promote Cowes Week, the UK’s biggest yachting festival, and for trade magazines including New Trade Publishing, The Publican and Dogs Today.

So if you have a message you need to get across get in touch and for as little as £200 pounds we will turn it into a headline-grabbing story and send it out to written and broadcast media.

hair dryWith our extensive contacts and local and national newspapers we can make sure your press release gets the attention it deserved rather than being left to rot in the recycle bins on the PCs of busy journalists.

We also been involved in the media training of some of Britain’s most successful Royal Naval captains so if you have suddenly found yourself thrust into the public spotlight we can also provide public relations advice to help get the press pack of your back.

To discuss all your PR requirementscontact M&Y News Agency.

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