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Inquest TrevelyanAsk any news editor at one of the national newspapers who is the south’s most reliable and prolific agency and they will tell you M&Y are the best for live news, quirky exclusives and real-life feature stories.

For the past 39 years we have prided ourselves on being the leading freelancers for Hampshire, Sussex, Dorset and Berkshire, producing front page exclusives, double page feature spreads and page lead stories.

When you pick up your copy of the Sun, News of the World, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail or any of the UK’s other major publications and see a story from our area, it is sure to have the hallmarks of M&Y.

Our eye for a story does not stop there and we will travel anywhere in the country or even the world to break a big story.

beachyWhether it be the Falklands War or footballers behaving badly in a nightclub, submarines crashing at the bottom of the ocean or Gary Glitter hiding in Stubbington, we will be there first and faster than our rivals.

We monitor what is happening 24 hours a day, seven days a week so we never miss the big breaking news.

All of our reporters are skilled at radio and TV reporting and we can provide interviewers to cover any occasion.

If you have a story to tell we will use our extensive range of contacts to give it the best possible show in a range of newspapers, local and national TV and radio and specialist magazine.

Likewise if you are a news editor and need a story covered to a specific style do not hesitate tocontact M&Y News Agency.

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